This online shoebox contains random pictures, notes, whatever. I've been a professional writer-photographer for so many years now. It's a damn good excuse to carry a camera around.

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Time to offer food and money yet again to this month's hungry ghosts!


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Here are the last two photos from the 5-day Black and White Photography Challenge that's been floating around the net. The previous three pictures are in the post below. 

Day 4

Day 5

I decided to up the challenge by avoiding file photos and shooting fresh pics every day. It's not much of a challenge if all you're doing is digging into your hard disk, right?

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Cruise ship, Halong Bay:


Rice farmers, Hanoi:


Buyers and sellers, Hanoi:

Dong Xuan

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Teh, smiles and a cigarette make for a happy afternoon at the kopitiam, or local cafe: 


Not my best shot, but the mood here is just so right :)

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Had a very interesting last week. Spent most of it in the mountains shooting Philippine Kakao:


The day after that, I found myself in Chinatown shooting Philippine Kaoka :)




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