This online shoebox contains random pictures, notes, whatever. I've been a professional writer-photographer for so many years now. It's a damn good excuse to carry a camera around.

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A young monk memorizes Buddhist mantras at the Chimi Lhakhang temple in Punakha, Bhutan:


Words in Mouth

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A novice monk and two performers stop for a quick portrait, backstage during the Nimalung Tsechu in Bumthang, Bhutan:




This event is quite simply the most exotic festival I have shot. Ever.

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... at Bhutan's Paro Valley:


Paro Valley


You can see the rain lashing the slopes on the other side :)

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Whoa - what happened???


I was having fun posting bits and bobs here, and the next thing I know a month has passed.



... and in those 4 short weeks, I've managed to do an epic road trip in Bhutan, followed by a somewhat less-epic assignment in Camiguin and Cagayan de Oro. Honestly, the latter would have been the month's highlight had it not been for the former. Nothing beats Bhutan (except maybe Myanmar - but we'll answer that in 2 weeks... hee hee).


And just like that, I found my new PhotoTreks venue:



So yeah - this was an exciting month :)



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#2) The Magic of Bhutan




August 1, Bhutan: "A few kilometers north of Paro town stands the Taktsang Palphug. Built on a cliffside some 3,000 feet above the landscape, this ancient monastery is accessible only via a robust, 2-hour trek. I trudge up the steep slope, stopping regularly to catch my breath in this thin mountain air. The knee-busting hike takes us from pine forest to rock face, the trail dotted with numerous shrines and lookout points."


"By the time we reach the monastery I am thoroughly winded, yet elated at reaching Bhutan's most venerated landmark. Prayer flags flutter in the breeze as I look down at the picturesque valley below. To my side I see a flash of crimson as a pair of monks appear. Behind me I hear the sound of spinning prayer wheels. Once again I smell incense in the air. A place like this doesn't need a tourist come-on. Bhutan works its magic simply by being itself."




#1) The Geylang Photo Shoot


November 18, Singapore: The concept board said it all for this very important pictorial:




Location: Geylang Road

Wardrobe: Street clothes, bright colors

Mood: Happy-smiley, a hint of romance

Concept: Location shoot, couple along Geylang Road's historic shophouses. Both are photographers, hanging out on the five-foot-way, playing with the camera. Also, try cafe and flower shop setting. Use natural lighting.

Notes to Photographer: Thanks for doing our pre-nup shoot, Jay Basco! Can't wait to get married in 10 days!!!!! - LESTER AND JOANNE





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