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A Lucbanon spruces up his home with one of countless adornments made from "kiping". These are thin sheets of dried, edible rice paste, similar to Vietnamese rice paper. Legend has it that in the days of the Galleon Trade, a Lucban native visited Mexico and learned the method for making rice tortilla. This recipe was adapted to local materials, and has since become the famous signature of the Pahiyas festival.


The kiping are strung together to form an endless variety of decorations, the most common being the "chandelier" which is hung from rooftops. Before artificial food coloring arrived in these parts, the Pahiyas festival wore the muted hues of natural materials like annatto or beetroot. The use of cheaper dyes, however, has resulted in the flashier fiesta colors of today.


Dressing up a house facade can cost upwards of Php50,000 - no small amount for a rural household. Nonetheless, the fun-loving fiesta spirit endures. This is the same spirit that says "Let's share the bounty of a good harvest with everyone"


After all, there's always more where it came from :)

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