Posted By Lester V Ledesma
What happens when you put a camera in the hands of Legazpi's Trick Shot Boys?


They'll put a rock on your finger, as they did to my colleague Adi the Art Director:


These kids live around the Cagsawa Ruins, and they know their stuff well. They can operate any camera - even my big, black EOS 7D - with ease, coaxing out perspective trick shots like these, no Photoshop needed. They'll make you blow the smoke over Mayon, or lean on a tiny-looking Cagsawa ruin, or fly high over the Albay countryside. The shots are funny as hell :)

The kids say they just learned on their own. But I think somebody must have taught them their tricks. Whoever this somebody is - I wanna buy you a beer!

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Kee Hui said...
awesome photos!
Thursday, Dec 2, 2010 3:39 PM
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