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Bus 67. Somewhere between Kallang and Jalan Besar, Singapore.


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Chilling out in the back lanes of Little India, Singapore:


Day Off

Day off2

Chill out1

Shot with a Nikon FG + Vivitar 19mm lens / Luckypan 100 film at E. I. 400. Developed in D76

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... glows at dusk, after maghrib prayers:



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If you're in Indonesia and find yourself facing a view that looks like this, stick around.


You're in a Masakan Padang restaurant, and lunch - a good, hearty, spicy, oh-so-tasty lunch - is on its way....

padang pile

In fact, if you're lost and hungry anywhere in this country, this is all you need to find :)

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Singaporeans regard Tanjung Pinang, the capital of Bintan Island, as the gritty city that they need to get through on the way to a squeaky-clean beach resort. They're missing a lot.






Located two hours away by ferry, this city once hosted the Malay empire's seat of government, before the Dutch and the British arrived to dismember it.


Traditional culture remains strong; Locals at Penyengat Island (off the coast) indulge in a game of sepak takraw in front of the ancient Raya Mosque.




Sunset at Jalan Merdeka, where the seaside promenade becomes host to a bustling night food market.



Early morning finds rowboats ferrying folks from the nearby kampung air  - water villages on stilts - to shore.


A familiar scene anywhere: a kids runs after resident pigeons, this time at a local Buddhist temple serving the city's large Chinese population.


Just a two-hour ferry ride from Singapore, Tanjung Pinang is an easy getaway from the sterile, hectic Lion City.




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