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Posted By Lester V Ledesma

A young boxer trains at the PacMan's old school, the Golingan Gym in General Santos City.


The sign on the right reads as follows:


The 10 Qualities of a Good Boxer


1. Prayerful

2. Brave

3. Fast

4. Disciplined

5. Hardworking

6. Good

7. Obedient

8. Humble

9. Helpful

10. Cares for his fellowmen


Not surprisingly, Pacquiao these words have been used to describe Manny Pacquiao.





Did a story on the man and his hometown, back in 2010. Check it out in the online version of Smile Magazine.

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Narani is Singapore's last practitioner of parrot astrology. I first met her 10 years ago on the streets of Littlie India. That time there was still two of them in the neighborhood. A few years later she was the only one left. Now I can't find her on the streets anymore.

Kili Josiyam

I guess that story I did on this dying trade didn't help.


However, you can still have your fortune told by a virtual parrot here.

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Nine-year-old Gerry is on top of the world today, flying his homemade kite high above Manila. That's his house below, to the left. He may live with his parents in a flimsy wooden hut, and that kite may be his only toy, but right at this moment he's happy as can be.




Ten years ago this would have been impossible where Gerry lives - on Smokey Mountain.


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Tay Ho District, Hanoi. This guy has the best office in the world: a bed & bath shop.


Hanoi Ofc

Posted By Lester V Ledesma

It's coffee harvest time once again in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. At the town of Da Nhim, just outside Dalat, a buying station collects freshly picked coffee cherries from the surrounding plantations:




Just off the road, a farmer from the Ca Tu ethnic minority group picks Arabica cherries:







The going rate for a kilo of red cherries is VND 6,800. That's around 12 Pesos.



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