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Warung Kopi Indra is a true blue-collar hangout for everyday working Tarakans. As the photo suggests, you don't need to buy kopi susu to sit at a table here.

Warung Kopi

But those who do order coffee here will be surprised at how good it is. It's sock-brewed, mixed with condensed milk, and is totally delicious.

Roti Kaya

And the roti kaya - homemade bread topped with margarine and traditional kaya spread - is to die for!

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The island of Tarakan, off the east coast of Indonesian Borneo, is practically riddled with remnants from WWII and the postwar independence battles.


We found these live bullets near a Dutch bunker... a historian says they probably date back to just after WWII, when the Indonesians were fighting for independence against the Dutch.

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Just like those little matchboxes :)

TS Boat

TS Taxi

Man this Tilt-Shift effect is Da Bomb!

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Infra-red. Wat Ratchaburana in infra-red.

Wat Ratcha

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A crowd of monks meditate quietly inside a glass display case at Bangkok's Buddhist market on Bamrung Muang Road:

Silent monks

These 8-inch high statues are so lifelike, they even have details like freshly-shaven hair, liver spots, moles - you name it. Best of all, they have life-sized versions modeled after real monks.

What do they use these for? Well, in the nearby town of Amphawa, I saw one such statue resting on an altar commemorating a long-dead monk. In front of it was a little coin box - you dropped a coin inside and it automatically played an audio recording of one of the man's lectures. Sitting there and listening to it was probably better than watching a video!




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