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A half-finished statue of Buddha - perhaps left behind when Angkor was abandoned in the 1400's - becomes the centerpiece in a shrine inside the south gate of Angkor Wat:

Unfinished Buddha

Her head shaved by tradition, an elderly Cambodian lady pays a visit to Angkor Wat:

Khmer Grandma

A store on wheels makes its rounds outside Siem Reap:

Store on Wheels

An apsara dancer entertains tourists at the Temple Bar in Siem Reap:


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Just to show you how incredibly detailed the galleries of Angkor Wat are:

A woman mourns the death of a warrior (husband? son?) in a bas relief on the north side.

Tears of Stone

She's been crying for 900 years.

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...for prayers at a Buddhist shrine in Angkor, Cambodia.

Waiting Monk

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Check out my toy cars!!!


Just playing around with a PC lens :)

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Lots of it!


These frozen tuna await delivery to buyers at Tokyo's Tsukiji fish market.



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