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Just spent four days in Penang, Malaysia hoping to find a Chinese opera troupe that was performing for the Hungry Ghosts Festival. Alas, I just missed the last one that week, before they moved on to another province. It wasn't all fruitless though, because I found another form of wayang instead:


The finger puppet players :)

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Georgetown's city hall building smolders on a weekend afternoon.

It's not a bomb.
It's not a fire.
It's not an overzealous shisha smoker.

City Hall

It's the annual dengue fumigation sweep of Penang's government buildings.

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Ramadan ends at midnight today:

Serai Mkt

Last chance to eat all those delectable, mostly deep-fried post-fasting goodies at the Geylang Serai pasar malam!

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In this age of dwindling audiences for Chinese street opera, a father and his son watches one show at Saint George's Place, Singapore:

Wayang Boy

Under these circumstances, one young viewer is worth ten aging viewers. Hopefully Singapore's wayang will last for one more generation.

I don't think I'll ever get tired of shooting these performers. Read more about them in this photo- essay I did for The Digital Journalist.

Posted By Lester V Ledesma
Bhutanese kid and Bhutanese kid maker meet in a village in Punakha:




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