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The Philippines' national bar chow awaits cleaning, chopping and cooking at a market table in Morong:


Yummy :)

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This is what happened to photography in the last 50 years:


Shot in Hanoi with a Bessa R + Skopar 35mm lens on Luckypan 100 film, developed in Rodinal, scanned on a Kodak RFS3600, uploaded to my iPhone, transferred to Instagram then passed through Gotham filter to make it look like.... a film BW shot!!!! Wooooohooooo!!!

Posted By Lester V Ledesma
... before summer ends :)


Fourteen years of traveling the world, and I still haven't seen a beach that can rival that of Boracay :)

Posted By Lester V Ledesma
Last January I was commissioned by Singapore's National Heritage Board to photograph a dying aspect of Singapore culture - the wet market.

They may be commonplace in the rest of Asia, but here in a country of malls and multi-story groceries they are seen as a places for old folks. So concerned is the NHB about their disappearance that they've embarked on a public awareness campaign to keep this from happening. Shown here is the Marine Terrace Market, near the East Coast Parkway.

Marine Terrace

My photos of Singapore's wet markets will be on display at the following locations:

Tiong Bahru Market till May 7

Chong Boon Market till May 21

Tekka Market from May 22 Onwards




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