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Teh Botol - jasmine-flavored bottled tea - made by the company Sosro: tehbotol

Posted By Lester V Ledesma
Pak Guntur looks forward to a dodol and cendol snack when he awakes from slumber: Pak Guntur
Dodol is a palm sugar and coconut candy wrapped in dried banana leaves, just like bocayo. Cendol is an icy concoction made from milk, sago, gelatin and assorted tidbits - just like halo- halo.

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The stranded boat, or "kapal sangat", is a popular motif in traditional Batik Jambi design. It's also a prominent feature in Jambi CIty's Tango Rajjo riverside park: Kapal Sangat
My guide was wondering why I kept photographing the boat. He said it was an eyesore and should be removed.

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A Red Bull X-Fighter performs a totally sick trick, three stories up in the air:

These guys are both awesome and insane, launching themselves up the ramp to perform handstands, backflips and a hell of a lot of other stunts with names I don't remember. This is one of the few times I regretted having to watch them through my camera viewfinder. Imagine having to press the shutter - and lose sight of them - right when the best parts happen... :(

Posted By Lester V Ledesma
Once the grand abode of the Dogra kings of Jammu, the ruins of the Mubarak Mandi are now inhabited by monkeys:
Monkey Palace

These windows look down into a courtyard where public executions used to take place.



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