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In a perfect world, wherever you may come from, no matter what color you are...


You still get to eat :)

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Seen from the air, the Prambanan temple forms an imposing silhouette on the landscape of Central Java:


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This dude dispenses holy water at the royal tomb at Imogiri, to the south of Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

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... belongs to the Hindus of Indonesia:


Chuck the fireworks and screw the lion dance. The festivities of Nyepi (the Hindu new year, held last Tuesday) top them all. Its emblem is the fearsome ogoh-ogoh, an effigy that represents all the evil deeds done in the past year.

On the eve of Nyepi, the statue is paraded around the village in a raucous street parade that comes complete with fire breathers, screaming kids, praying old ladies and intense gamelan music. Just before midnight it is burned, signaling a fresh start to the new year.

While some cultures wish for good luck and plenty of wealth for the coming year, the Hindus (most of them are in Bali) simply want to erase their past misdeeds, and meet the next year with a clean conscience. How refreshing.

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There are two definitions of "Crazy Ivan". The first refers to the baffle-clearing maneuver that Russian submarines used to do in order to detect possible pursuers. The move consisted of a sudden, sharp u-turn that allowed it to scan the area behind the propellers where sonar doesn't work:

Crazy Ivan
(Taken from 1.png)

The second definition is this:


Funny guy Ivan Heng, founding director of Singapore's W!LD RICE theatre company.



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