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For some time I thought downtown Hanoi, with its helter skelter street scene of zig-zagging motorbikes, traveling hawkers and scam artists was the most hectic, bewildering area I've visited so far. Curiously, I've forgotten all about good old Quiapo. Sampaguita
Like I said before, even Burma's Shwedagon Pagoda on a Buddhist holiday feels like Sunday compared to this place. Carriedo
- - Quiapo Birds Eye
Foreigners can be forgiven if they get stressed out simply trying to navigate Quiapo's streets. But to true-blue Manileños, this place is, well - home.

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Here's a nice one over the CBD: East Coast

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It's the worst time of the year to be in Singapore. The usually cloudy mornings are followed by piss- raining afternoons. The weather is a notch above miserable: Rain
Oddly enough, during the rare occasions when the sun does shine, it's usually cloudless. And when the sky manages to produce a sunset, its usually gorgeous :)

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Doesn't always taste good: Pasta1
This is food styled to look its best, even if it probably tastes awful. The beans are raw and the eggplant is undercooked, save for the grill marks which have been exaggerated. And its all coated with oil. But yeah... it looks delicious :P

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The main event: Holi 3
Holi 5
Holi 4
Little India's Holi isn't as massive and chaotic as that of Big India's, but its spirit does shine thru. For a few hours yesterday, Katong Park was a riot of color as the local Indian community showed up to celebrate this spectacular occasion. So March this year saw HOLI week. Next month, it'll be HOLY week - can't wait for that to happen! :)



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