This online shoebox contains random pictures, notes, whatever. I've been a professional writer-photographer for so many years now. It's a damn good excuse to carry a camera around.

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That was Carnarvon Lane, Georgetown on the night of the 23rd, as the island of Penang celebrated the last two nights of the Chinese ghost month:



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A big, burning image of the Tai Soo Yah signals the end of the Chinese ghost month in Penang, Malaysia. I've waited a long time to shoot this main event, and it was every bit as interesting as I thought it would be.

Ended my coverage with another burning - of photo DVD's :)

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These gritty gentlemen hang out by the Kwan Yin temple in downtown Georgetown, Penang:



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Just spent four days in Penang, Malaysia hoping to find a Chinese opera troupe that was performing for the Hungry Ghosts Festival. Alas, I just missed the last one that week, before they moved on to another province. It wasn't all fruitless though, because I found another form of wayang instead:


The finger puppet players :)

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Georgetown's city hall building smolders on a weekend afternoon.

It's not a bomb.
It's not a fire.
It's not an overzealous shisha smoker.

City Hall

It's the annual dengue fumigation sweep of Penang's government buildings.



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