This online shoebox contains random pictures, notes, whatever. I've been a professional writer-photographer for so many years now. It's a damn good excuse to carry a camera around.

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A boy wearing full traditional dress strikes a pose during the recent Hari Raya aidilfitri celebrations at Little India's Abdul Gafoor mosque:


The morning prayers were interesting to watch. Afterwards, the food came non-stop :)

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Spent the last few weeks in Malaysia shooting a massive list of subjects for a major client. it was fun - really fun - and surprisingly much easier than shooting a story. Without the writing part of my usual assignments, I didn't have to "get under the skin of things" so much. Just gather enough info for caption data and off I went to the next subject.


The big difference is, there wasn't a story in my head that I was trying to put together - less pressure on me, in a way, but I can turn that journo mode off only for so long.

Yesterday was my last day on assignment and I had a few hours to play around with before going off to the airport. I spent it trying to capture a bit of that Ramadan flavor. My photos don't make up a story by any means, but it was refreshing to chase down a theme :)

Kuala Lumpur's Jamek Mosque is quiet a few hours before midday prayers. When the call to salat is made (that's five times daily), non-muslims (read: tourists) are asked to leave the premises.


Wearing traditional garb, a Malay woman grabs a few extra minutes of prayer at the Jamek Mosque:


Ramadan bazaars have sprung out in alleys and walkways throughout Kuala Lumpur. Here, a vendor arranges a pile of songkok headcaps on her table.


Good thing is, Ramadan lasts for a month - maybe I'll chase down a story on that, here in Singapore :)

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At a madrasah - a traditional Islamic school - in Melaka, children typically spend 12-hour days learning the finer points of their religion:




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