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Posted By Lester V Ledesma
Holy Shit. This street photography thing is really addictive. The fact that it can be done practically anywhere is a reassuring balm. And for photographers experiencing vision fatigue, it's like looking at the world with totally new glasses.

Case in point: the Bicutan Interchange, a messy crossroads for jeeps, buses, cars, motorbikes, pedicabs, bicycles and trains that I used to traverse everyday (back when I was living in the Philippines). I never gave it a second look for the last 36 years, until yesterday.

Fresh from PhotoTreks: Heart of Malaysia where my co-lecturer Luis Liwanag talked about Street Photography, I decided to practice these eyes on a subject I know well.


It was fun - really fun - to take a long, hard look at one's own neighborhood. I remember once seeing a dude get stabbed right under this walkway. I was twelve back then. Now there are policemen on every corner.


Chaotic as it is, this intersection was even busier a decade ago, with blind musicians and stuff.



Now it's organized (and somewhat quiet enough) to have young vendors reading magazines right on the island :)


It's exciting to think that my new favorite Manila shooting spot is right outside my village!




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