This online shoebox contains random pictures, notes, whatever. I've been a professional writer-photographer for so many years now. It's a damn good excuse to carry a camera around.

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So where do I start? After my wifey's surprise Maldives treat and the Bangkok assignment in January, a few other things happened on the way to today:

There was the run to Phuket and Sukhothai where I covered King Ramkamhaeng's birthday, among other things:


Then it was off to Myanmar where I photographed Yangon and Inle:

Afterwards, I headed off with my PhotoTrekkers to Bhutan where we shot the Punakha Dromche:

Not bad for the first half of the year, I tell ya:

Then without further ado, I hied off to Kuala Lumpur to shoot Islamic architecture and hang with Hainanese old-timers:

A few weeks of rest followed, then I promptly boarded at plane to Hanoi, where I hopped aboard the night train to Sapa Valley:

... and then I found myself back in Myanmar - whopeee - for the year's second PhotoTrek!

Philippines next - this time to Coron and Calauit Island:

Which happened back-to-back with an excursion down south to meet the Manobo tribespeople of Butuan:

Afterwards I stayed home to spend the Singapore Jubilee weekend with my wife and daughter:

Needless to say I'm happy with how this year is going.

A little tired, but yes - very happy :)

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Boating, actually.

First to my kickass holiday in Maldives, then to Lanao in the Philippines for a quick cover shoot. Next was Thailand, where I criss-crossed the Mae Nam Chao Phraya on a boat.


Afterwards, I headed off to Sukhothai in Central Thailand, a place I haven't revisited since '09. That was on two wheels, my favorite mode of transport:


.... and this was only in January. Feb and March have their own stories too... 

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Royal guards stand at attention at the Grand Palace of Bangkok:


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PhotoTreks: Bangkok ended on a good note last Sunday, with our participants enjoying four days of shooting and photography discussions. I took them from Samut Songkhram to Bangkok on different modes of transport:

Tuktuk ride, Bangkok:

Boat driver, Tha Kha:

I have to say the sharing for me was just as fun as the shooting. Writing about a destination is one thing, but to actually take people there to see and experience things I've done before - the feeling is priceless :)


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It's not uncommon for streets in old Asian neighborhoods to be devoted to selling certain products. At Bangkok' Soi Wanit 2, the reigning merchandise is braised chicken:


Some of the stalls in the area also sell roasted ones. Very yummy.



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